Redesign Narrowcaster

Narrowcaster is an internally used digital signage. It dynamically displays company related information to the employees and visitors. It is facilitated at the lobby or café corner.


The information visualization of the old version Narrocaster was not suitable on the public display. There were needs to be optimized.
The old version of Narrowcaster contained multiple types of information. Accordingly, the screen was splited into multiple modules. Information in the different modules is displayed with different motions, both vertically and horizontally moving. It resulted in visual clutter when people read on the Narrowcaster. Besides, the color should be adjusted in order to fit the company’s style.

As a UX Designer but not only a Visual Designer, I started redesign from filtering display information: which should be stayed and which should be left out. Through an online survey I investigated what information is important and useful for the employees. The important and useful impormation deserves noticeable place. 4 layouts had been discussed with other UX designers based on the principles of effectively using space and best showing the important information. Some of the text movement had been redesigned and replaced by fade-in & out to eliminate the visual clutter. In the end, I made the visual designs which adhering to the principle “simple is the best“. The large portion of color was abandoned. Company branding color was the theme and properly used in the header, title and background.

The visual designs were delivered to the development team and implemented in HTML and JQuery.


Old version Narrowcaster




Rearrange Layout

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Photo Apr 08, 14 51 43 Photo Apr 08, 14 57 38



Visual Design

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UX Methodes
• Online Survey
• Visual Design


• Photoshop
• Google survey tool