MRI Implant Setup Prototyping

Philips Design 10/2014

The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) group of Philips Healthcare is investigating the new workflow and UI in order to improve the control safety and efficiency. Implant is one of the factors which influence the decision of MRI scanning. In the current procedure implant is not in the parameter input list. As it is complex, operators take implant into account at the other extra step. Now the Philips MRI group intends to introduce implant in the current parameter input flow. The interaction and the workflow needs to be designed.

As an Interaction Designer, I built the Axure prototype where implant module is in.



New Generation VACAM Software

Voortman 04/2014–05/2014

Voortman would like to significantly improve the UX of the new generation VACAM 4.0 control software.
The current software is an Outlook style, Windows Forms, menu & mouse based application. The new generation VACAM is required to be tailored to the multi-touch screen and include Mobile Solutions applications on tablets and smartphones. As user experience designers, we must understand and analyze the workflow and users ‘needs, and define the problem and scope for the next phase and the roadmap of the new generation VACAM.


Digital Pathology IMS Adaptation


Philips Digital Pathology wants to open up the new market for its image management product. Insights in user needs in the new market is needed on short term as input for adapting the image management product. (New) features will be added to the image management product/be modified tailored to the new market’s needs.

My role in this project focused on the interaction design.


Beedroid Android App

Beedroid is a mobile based software solution where users can give in food for bee locations with their mobile phone. The goal is to position bee hives at these regions after approval of these locations.


Cloud Explorer TV app


The Cloud Explorer app is a cloud-based services application running on the Smart TV platform. TPVision would like to use Cloud Explorer to expand their Philips Smart TV platform. The Cloud Explorer app is designed and implemented undertaken by Nspyre in cooperation with TP Vision. My responsibilities were on designing the interactions and the final look-and-feel of Cloud Explorer.


Redesign Narrowcaster

Narrowcaster is an internally used digital signage. It dynamically displays company related information to the employees and visitors. It is facilitated at the lobby or café corner. In this assignment, as a UX designer, I was responsible of improving the visualization and redesigning it to reflect the company style.


UX/UI Freelance Designer

My role is UX/UIdesigner.

Social Menu–mobile application design
One Penny Entrepreneur–website design

socialmenu feature pics      onepenny feature pics



Smart Products

Philips Research 02/2011—04/2012
The SmartProducts project is a European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme conducted by ten partners from industry and academia, aiming at developing the scientific and technological basis for building “smart products” with embedded “proactive knowledge” in order to improve people’s quality of life. Philips led the Smart Kitchen scenario.
SmartProducts website:

As a User Experience Researcher, I specialized in refining the kitchen scenarios and proposing the integration plan to link the available Smart kitchen appliances



UI Harmonization for FEI Company’s Electron Microscopes

FEI, VanBerlo 01/2010—09/2010
A joint project of FEI Company, VanBerlo Design, and the TU/e, aiming at creating harmonized user interfaces for FEI’s two main types of electron microscopes in order to improve the usability and user experience of FEI’s products, and create strong company brand.

As Usability Engineer, my responsibility was to define the design principles that guide the UI harmonization, and validate the harmonized UI in the manner of usability testing.



Sleeping Enhancement for Remote Partners

TU/e, Philips Research 06/2009—12/2009
A joint project of Philips Research and TU/e, aiming to improve the sleep quality of couples who are living apart.
My role was Interaction Designer.

feature pics


Redesign TV Remote Control fro Elderly

TU/e 01/2009—02/2009
Redesign remote control for elderly people is an assignment during the USI study, aiming to improve elderly people’s experience of using TV remote control.
My role was Interaction Designer.



Helantong –Commercial Website Design

Helantong is a comprehensive services exchange web platform, facing to Chinese who study or work in the Netherlands. It is founded in 2008 in the Netherlands and aim to provide Chinese in the Netherlands information on studying and living. Users can fast and conveniently access to information and share experiences through Helantong website. The preliminary release included four sections: Wiki, Useful website collection, entertainment, and forum, which cover all aspects of living in the Netherlands.
My role was UI Designer. Besides, as a co-founder of this startup, I took a somewhat entrepreneurial role to translate the user needs into a user-centered interactive interface. In this venture, my desire of understanding more user-centered design approaches grew.

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