New Generation VACAM Software

Voortman 04/2014–05/2014

Voortman would like to significantly improve the UX of the new generation VACAM 4.0 control software.
The current software is an Outlook style, Windows Forms, menu & mouse based application. The new generation VACAM is required to be tailored to the multi-touch screen and include Mobile Solutions applications on tablets and smartphones. As user experience designers, we must understand and analyze the workflow and users ‘needs, and define the problem and scope for the next phase and the roadmap of the new generation VACAM.


My role in this project focused on the interaction design and software screen design. Together with a Nspyre UX researcher, we came up the solution of the new generation VACAM 4 based on the earlier user research and the business driver.

VACAM 4 is an entirely new software. It targets to the product line in the future 5 years. The change is not only on the software UI but also the manufacturing workflow. On the UI part as the current VACAM still uses the Windows Forms, menu & mouse based application. It does not take full advantage of the touchscreen.

We introduced the new interaction style tailored to the multi-touch screen. I realized the new VACAM concept in the Axure prototype so that we accurately demoed our idea to the client and the development team and quickly obtained their feedback.
In order to provide the concret visuals of the concept to the client, I visualized the dashboard screen and one of the important control screen in Photoshop. The visual design is appreciated by the client.

The roadmap of the next generation VACAM got the confirmation from the client. The next step is the interaction design and visual design for the overall new generation VACAM and software implement. The cooperation of next step is been discussing.

Product Definition

Interaction Design


Visual Design

Cycle Manager-blueBTN


UX Methods:

  • Task Analysis
  • Sketches
  • Prototyping



  • Axure
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop