MRI Implant Setup Prototyping

(Due to the confidential reason, it is not allowed to post the detail designs. )

The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) group of Philips Healthcare is investigating the new workflow and UI in order to improve the control safety and efficiency. Implant is one of the factors which influence the decision of MRI scanning. In the current procedure implant is not in the parameter input list. As it is complex, operators take implant into account at the other extra step. Now the Philips MRI group intends to introduce implant in the current parameter input flow. The interaction and the workflow needs to be designed.

As an Interaction Designer, I built the Axure prototype where implant module is in. MRI is an extremely complex equipment and contains the domain knowledge. In order to understand this complex machine and its UI, I worked closely together with the MRI researchers and specialists. I tried to avoid to trap into the medical domain but keep my thought at the user and interaction level. In the meanwhile, I helped the MRI researchers and specialists put the high-level concept to the piratical questions. Philips Healthcare appreciated my tangible prototype as it triggered more thoughts of the researchers and MRI specialists. With the help of the MRI prototype, it led to MRI group perform user test successfully and addressed the issues which they came up during design.